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Allows the same customer convenience for  wheelchair users that other shoppers have!

Shopper can stay in their own wheelchair or they

can use the stores wheelchair !

An adaptive device that works with Manual or Power Wheelchairs that have seat cushions.

The LapShopper is quality made using anodized aluminium and stainless fasteners

The 12 inch Base simply slides under the wheelchair seat cushion

The alloy clamp opens and you raise the basket

to the desired height above your lap then close

the clamp and the basket is secure.

2 basket sizes medium & large.

Photo of a tall stand holding two shopping baskets and the Mobility Mount Gerry Price at the grocery store using the Lapshopper Photo of a gel filled seat cushion

We have quality gel seat cushions so your stores
wheelchair can use the LapShopper!

We also have single or double display racks to hold the Lap Shopper in convenient locations at your store