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ADVentures ....Adaptive Design Ventures

Is all about wheelchair users striving for independence, staying healthy by being active in their communities. Their solution is to develop a mount that holds adapted products that make being active easier, safer and sometimes even possible.

Gerry worked in engineering before became a quadriplegic from an accident in 1995. Gerrys desire to remain active and functional led to  his developing a number of mounting systems for wheelchair users. These were designed so he could hold things while sitting in his wheelchair. Things like  shopping basket, fishing rod, camera, spotting scope, laptop and or an umbrella.

Mission.... For wheelchair users to stay healthy by being active. When we show up in our wheelchairs we are not just being active we are being pro active! We are saying to society, resources spent on inclusion is many times more cost effective than spending it on the health complications for being inactive.       

Gerry understands that when living with a SCI (spinal chord injury), being active and getting on with your life is very important. "My life is a balance between being active and staying healthy. When you are  paralysed, prevention of skin breakdown is very important.

With this balance in mind the Mobility Mount was developed. Shopping baskets or laptops can be positioned securely and safely up off your legs protecting your skin.   

Wheelchair users all have different seating needs it is important to consult your OT or Physio to make sure  any new devices are suitable for you and your wheelchair!

With his background in engineering Gerry has demanded quality, durable and lightweight components for his products..

The Scotty Laptop System and the ADALap are some of his early designs.